Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating 20 years!

This week I had the opportunity to make some sample cookies for the 20th anniversary of the Hearst Center for the Arts in Cedar Falls. We decided to go with "20"'s and paint palettes to represent the arts.
The Hearst Center is a valuable part of the community, so I'd like to say an early CONGRATULATIONS on 20 wonderful years!

Just for fun...

Do something nice for your friends!

For example, if your friend loves red velvet cake, perhaps some red velvet cupcakes would be the perfect birthday treat!

Or say your friend is engaged and you don't want to give them the typical "Congrats on your engagement" card. How about some cute engagement ring cookies?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beer's To You!

Last week, the Friends of the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center celebrated their second annual Beer's To You And Gourmet Too event. It was a great night filled with fabulous food and unique beverages, and was celebrated with quite a crowd!

So when I was asked to make "thank you" cookies for the Friends group, was I surprised that I was asked to make beer cookies? Not beer FLAVORED cookies, cookies that LOOK like beer!

Through a little imagination and creative cookie cutter bending, I came up with a pilsner with a foamy top. I was a little unsure at first, but the cookies were a big hit!

Love is in the air...

And so is the smell of Valentine cookies! (Seriously, you should sniff my house and car!)

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who ordered a little something sweet for their sweetie, especially those of you who ordered for the first time!

Something new for this year: GIANT heart cookies! The one pictured is a huge monster cookie and smelled delicious *drool* :) I think the big cookie was a great addition to the lineup!

Sometimes cookies straight out of a bakery box just won't do, so here's a fun alternative. Cute little cellophane bags tied with curling ribbon!

Word is out!

Cookies make an awesome birthday treat for daycare or school!

Jackson, who is a big fan of my cookies, had birthday cakes and presents.

I also made some fun cookies for the Mellin family, who had eaten cookies I made at a family holiday. They ordered watermelons (get it? melon= Mellin! Cute huh?) and cars for the kids to take to school.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Now that's what I call dessert!

I made this fudgey brownie trifle recently for a party my friend Janelle had. Not only does it look wonderful in a glass bowl, it's completely delicious!

It's very easy to make- I got the recipe from a coworker of mine in West Des Moines (shout out to Marge- you always made the BEST stuff for food days!). I'll share the recipe with anyone and everyone, just shoot me an email and ask :)

Christmas is long gone....

But the memories of making somewhere around 30 dozen Christmas cookies aren't! I think all the cookies are on the website (, so I will just post a few here.

One of my favorite parts of making Christmas cookies this year was "teaching" my sister, Kelsey, how I decorate. We had a lot of fun, and made enough cookies to hand out to the whole neighborhood.

Kid cookies!

I haven't been so good about blogging regularly (shame on me...), so I need to do a little catch-up!

In December I had a fun little project making "Kid cookies" for Mrs. Carignan's 3rd grade class. She and another teacher gave me a list of their kids, their hair color, style, eye color, etc... and I made a cookie of each kid. Coming up with "hazel" colored frosting for a few eyes was a bit of a challenge (what color IS hazel??), but the cookies were so much fun to make!

The kids loved their cookies, and the other teachers thought it was a really neat idea.
Way to go Mrs. C!